Custom Insert Molding Services

Quadra-Tek has many years of experience as a custom plastic insert molder, and it makes up about half our business.


Insert molding is a process in which thermoplastic or thermoset material is molded around an insert piece or pieces placed in the molding cavity, resulting in a single strongly bonded, integrated assembly, with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic. Inserts can be metal, another plastic, ceramic or just about any substance that can withstand the plastic injection molding process.



In addition to molded in inserts, Quadra-Tek has a number of secondary operations such as: Ultrasonic insertion, heat staked inserts, pressed in inserts, self tapping inserts, and screwed in inserts.


Whether your inserts are custom or off the shelf, we can overmold just about any configuration of insert such as: buss bars, pins, threaded inserts, stampings, and chemical etchings.


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Some Past and Present Customers:

Allied Signal Aerospace – Atlantic Inertial Systems, Inc. – BAE Systems

Baxter Healthcare Corporation – Bayer Diagnostics Corporation – Chiron Diagnostics Corporation

Dare Electronics, Inc. – Digital Equipment – Eldec Corporation – Eveready Battery

Gates Mectrol, Inc. – General Electric Company – Goodrich Corporation – Hamilton Standard

Harris Corporation – Honeywell – IBM – ITT – Lockheed Sanders – Magnavox Electronics

Northrop Corporation – Osram – Sylvania, Inc. – Saab Diagnostics – Sensata Corporation

Siemens Diagnostics – S.P.C.O. – Texas Instruments – Textron Defense Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Unison Industries