Vendor Terms and Conditions

With the issuance of this purchase order you certify the following:

  1. All Items are subject to inspection upon arrival at Quadra-Tek
  2. All applicable requirements in the purchasing document are to be flowed down to the sub-tier suppliers, including key characteristics where required.
  3. Your company is ISO compliant to the extent that no aspect of its performance against any order issued in response to your offer shall be adversely affected. In this context performance includes but is not limited to: material acquisition systems, accuracy of traceability and quality data, manufacturing processes, inspection capability and invoicing systems.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, the supplier is required to maintain Quality Records for 15 yrs. It must identify PO Number, quantity shipped and any exceptions. The records must be available upon request by Quadra-Tek.
  5. Where applicable all materials must conform to REACH & RoHS requirements.
  6. If the product purchased by Quadra-Tek contain a “specialty metal”, as defined by the most recent revision of the DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement), section 252.225, all such specialty metals must conform to all applicable DFARS requirements.
  7. Certs: Certification required according to print specifications, including military/industry specifications and revision level when applicable.
  8. FOD – Supplier must comply with FOD, Foreign Object Damage, requirements and have a FOD program in place, refer to document NAS 412
  9. FAI – First Article Inspections are to be completed by the supplier for any new component or any changes made to a component. The FAI must comply with AS9102 standard.
  10. DESTINATION OF CONTROL STATEMENT – (ITAR) DOMESTIC: These articles or technical data are controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). They are subject to the export controls laws of the U.S. Government. They are not to be placed in the public domain, exported from the U.S., or given to any foreign person in the U.S. without prior, specific written authorization of the U.S. Dept. of State.
  11. No supplier is authorized to knowingly deliver products that deviate from specified requirements.
  12. The supplier shall provide prompt, written notification to Quadra-Tek  when a nonconformity is discovered in the supplier’s processes or products that may affect product already delivered. Notifications shall include a clear description of the discrepancy, part numbers affected, quantity, and delivery dates.
  13. Suppliers must understand that shipment of unauthorized, counterfeit or rebuilt parts or components, or any unapproved change of an approved component is strictly prohibited. Any supplier change in design, material, processing, or manufacturing location from the part previously approved for production, requires written approval. Approval may be obtained by submitting samples for evaluation.
  14. The use of mercury, mercury compounds, or mercury-bearing instruments and/or equipment in a manner which might cause contamination in the manufacture, assembly or test of the material on this purchase order is prohibited.
  15. Upon request, the seller agrees to permit Quadra-Tek, Quadra-Teks’ customer, government representative, or other regulatory agent to verify the quality of components, supplies, or services being provided under this purchase order at any stage in the seller’s facilities. Verification may consist of a survey of the seller’s facility and quality program, source inspection, or both. The seller shall provide all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safety and convenience of personnel engaged in such verification
  16. Personnel Awareness: The supplier shall ensure their employees and sub-tier suppliers are aware of: their contribution to product or service conformity, to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

For additional terms and conditions please see: Our Terms And Conditions Of Sale


Updated on: 08/07/2017

Some Past and Present Customers:

Allied Signal Aerospace – Atlantic Inertial Systems, Inc. – BAE Systems

Baxter Healthcare Corporation – Bayer Diagnostics Corporation – Chiron Diagnostics Corporation

Dare Electronics, Inc. – Digital Equipment – Eldec Corporation – Eveready Battery

Gates Mectrol, Inc. – General Electric Company – Goodrich Corporation – Hamilton Standard

Harris Corporation – Honeywell – IBM – ITT – Lockheed Sanders – Magnavox Electronics

Northrop Corporation – Osram – Sylvania, Inc. – Saab Diagnostics – Sensata Corporation

Siemens Diagnostics – S.P.C.O. – Texas Instruments – Textron Defense Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Unison Industries